I am trying to make a game in flash, whenever I try to run the swf file locally using the flash IDE, and connect to ES$ it works fine,
but if the ES4 is not online then I get the onConnect eventlistner and the connection successful = false.
but when I try to run the swf file outside the IDE I just cant get the onConnect eventlistner trigger when the ES4 is not online.

so is there a way I get a onConnect (connection =false) when server is not online.

this is the error i get

Error: Failed to load policy file from xmlsocket://
Error: Request for resource at xmlsocket:// by requestor from file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/Mayur.Gala/Desktop/gopal/StarGaze/StarGaze%2DES4%2Dv2.swf has failed because the server cannot be reached.
*** Security Sandbox Violation ***
Connection to halted - not permitted from file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/Mayur.Gala/Desktop/gopal/StarGaze/StarGaze%2DES4%2Dv2.swf

sorry for the bad english , please some one save me