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Thread: sending message at specific time in a day.

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    sending message at specific time in a day.

    Is there a way by which I can send a message (sendGlobalPluginMessage?) to all the clients at a specific time through electroserver.. lets say for example at noon every day?

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    Yes. In a server level component of some kind, you set up a scheduled execution that calls a method that sends the message. See the PluginScheduledExecution for an example of a scheduled execution.

    When ES5 first starts, you will need to use the Java Calendar class to determine the current time, calculate the number of milliseconds until the first time you want to send the message, have have a one-time scheduled execution that inits your main repeating scheduled execution.

    Ask questions if that isn't making sense. It's clear in my own head, but I'm not sure how well I explained it.
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