• APIs for Flash, Unity3D, iPhone/iPad, Android, XNA, and Javascript/HTML5.
  • Free 50 CCU trial license.
  • 1,000 CCU license for $999.
  • Unlimited CCU license for $4,999.
  • Rock solid performance at scale 
    (learn more in our load test white paper).
  • UDP support for high packet rates.
  • 2nd-generation binary protocol.
  • More extension points than ever.
  • Enhanced, multi-tiered security.
  • Sleek new ES Admin interface.
  • Extensive docs, and more than 40 examples.
  • More features and innovations on the way!

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What's New?

How to Get Started with ElectroServer and Unity 3
unity_logo_rectLearning how ElectroServer works with Unity 3 is easy. Our engineers have put together a wealth of material to help get you started.

First, ElectroServer comes with full game demos, source code included. We are working to make these prettier, but as is they serve as very useful prototypes for the types of games you can build using ElectroServer5.

We have also put together more than a dozen video tutorials covering client- and server-side implementations of ElectroServer5's capabilities. These add to the tutorials and more than 40 examples you can find in the ElectroServer5 manual, along with our full C# API documentation.

Stuck on something? Use our free Forum to ask questions and find answers.